Repository reorganisation and other news

Good news, during the next two months I will be able to dedicate more time to the Refuge project. Which means that a lot of code will be released. Coffer will be finally released this month as an easy way to store, sync and share any content in a decentralised manner.

In the process, I decided to reorganise a little the project and make easier to track changes in it. The first step is mostly done: the source code repositories have been redispatched between 3 Github organisations:

  • Refuge attic: all dead and unmaintained codes have been moved there. This is where you will find all of our temptatives
  • Refuge incubator: All the projects of refuge will start here. If a project is considered enough stable and in phase with the project, it will be moved to the main refuge organisation
  • Refuge: The main organisation. All maintened refuge products will be found there.

There is still some work in progress in moving the code right now. For example once the new refactored coffer will be OK in the incubator, old code in the refuge organisation will be moved to the attic. Also we will remove dependencies we don’t fork (to maintain specific patches) from the main repository. But so far, most is already done.

During the month some other changes will happen:

  • The website will be moved to a controlled location and replicated to a CDN (ie. moved out from github). Same for the documentation.
  • The mailing-lists will be also put back in our control
  • Mirrors will be setup to fetch the code with git
  • And finally a custom tool will be created to replicate and manage issues from Github even when github is down

Of course any help is welcome, so feel free to join us on irc or the current mailing lists.


– Benoit Chesneau and the Refuge team.

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