Major upgrade of rcouch on the go

A major upgrade of rcouch is on the go. I am still fixing the latest bits but I couldn’t resist to share some details of what keep me busy the last 4 days.

Last year, I decided to merge rcouch 0.7x (current release) in Apache CouchDB. rcouch has been written/updated over 2 years with the help of Nicolas (@nrdufour) and others, adding new features, trying some changes, sometimes rolling back to an old feature because of some bug discovered, sometimes just because another way to do the feature was found. At some point some rewrite happened, merging some changes in an atomic way to become the current rcouch version.

Currently rcouch contains the following features:

and is based on Apache CouchDB 1.3 + some changes. Last change from couchdb has been backported in may 2013.

Little changes in Apache CouchDB has been added since may 2013, but the merge couldn’t just go in a couchdb branch because of its history. Because of these changes that happened over 2 years.. I wanted to clean the code a little, remove some optimisations from it to avoid conflicts with the merge of some bigcouch features etc.

So at the end of the year 2013, I deciced to start a new branch from current couchdb 1.6 and then apply on it all the changes from rcouch one by one. In the process I also decided to clean a little the build to use shared libraries as well and improve some features like the view changes. This work will be put in a couchdb branch and will be the base for the futur rcouch release.

Because Rcouch won’t disappear with the merge in couchdb.

On the contrary, more than a bleeding edge Apache CouchDB distribution, it will be the base for a complete standalone product shipped by the refuge project and will work with the platform released sometimes this month. I will provide more details soon.

I was too tired to really start last year and the work really started on last friday. The changes in the couchdb branch will be done tomorrow. This branch will become rcouch 1.0.0. After that the work on rcouch 2 will start. One of the resolution I took for this year is to be more verbose, so I and others will keep you updated more often about what happen in refuge with a weekly blog post.

Hopefully you will enjoy what is coming.

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