The refuge platform

Refuge connects data sources between machines and people, coming from devices, peoples or services in a decentralized manner. It does this by providing the following features:

Blob server

The blob server allows you to store any kind of data on multiple storage sources on the cloud, in your infrastructures or your disks. The storages sources can be synchronized in quasi-realtime easily.

The indexer

The index services will index datas from the storages servers by synchronizing them or transformation of them using a mapping system to an indexer (SQL, Fulltext Search, Geo, ...).

The P2P data platform

Coordinate multiple data sources coming from devices, peoples or services using hubs maintained by the community or by connecting directly between refuge nodes.

The refuge platform allows you to share and retrieve your data by connecting directly to the other refuge nodes on the refuge platform. Nodes can be discovered using GOSSIP or by connecting to an hub.

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